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An Archaeological Treasure

The Dead Sea Scrolls have been called the greatest archaeological discovery of modern times. They have dramatically enhanced our understanding of the world of the New Testament, the teachings of John the Baptist and our Lord Jesus, and the early c...



Altar of Incense Definition

Located in the holy place or priests' room of the tabernacle or temple, just outside the Holy of Holies. The altar was 1.5 feet square and 3 feet high. The incense symbolized the "sweet smell" of the worshipers' prayers going up to God.


Altar of Sacrifice Definition

Structure used for presenting sacrifices to God. A large altar of sacrifice stood in the outer court of the temple at Jerusalem. It symbolically stood before God's presence to indicate the need for forgiveness before approaching God.


Amen Definition

Means "Yes, this is true!" or "Let it be so!"


Amphitheater Definition

Elliptical or circularspace surounded by seats; used by Romans for gladiator contests.


Anatolia Definition

Land of the rising sun or "the East" refers to the Asiatic part of Turkey.


Annoint Definition

To pour oil on a person's head. It meant that God's Spirit was helping that person to do a special job (1 Sam. 16:1%u201413, 1 John 2:20%u201421).


Antipas Definition

Son of Herod the Great. He heard about Jesus, listened to John the Baptist's teachings, met Jesus but sent him to Pilate (Mark 6:14%u201420; Luke 23:8).


Antonia Definition

Herod the Great rebuilt the Hasmonean foretress (Bira) in Jerusalem next to the Temple Mount and renamed it the Antonia after Mark Anthony. Roman troops were stationed here.


Aphrodite Definition

Greek god of love and beauty. Daughter of Zeus and Dione (or did she spring from foam in the sea?)


Apollo Definition

Greek god of light, music, and poetry. He is often pictured with bow and arrow; Son of Zeus and Leto.


Apostles Definition

The leaders that Jesus chose to bring his message to the world. Jesus first chose 12 men and then later Paul and some others became apostles.