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After His resurrection, Jesus spent about 40 days with His followers in Jerusalem and back in the Galilee region, where they had received much of their training. He explained that after His ascension to heaven, He would send them a Counselor, the Holy Spirit, who would no longer remain only in the temple but would now live within each one of them. For a people whose history and culture revolved around the worship of God at the temple, this was a revolutionary development. Join the disciples at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and unpack the significance of Pentecost in the context of God’s covenant with Israel. 

1 Pentecost: God Changed His Address
2 Capernaum: Jesus Binds the Evil One
3 Decapolis: The Other Side - Jesus and the Man from the Tombs
4 Crucifixion: The Coronation of a King
5 Ascension: The King Takes His Throne