The people of the Bible lived in temple-building cultures. Temples provided pagan gods with a place to live, keeping them close to the people who worshiped them. Even Israel did the same – first Solomon, then Nehemiah and Zerubbabel, and eventually Herod would build or renovate temples for God to dwell in. But God’s plan was bigger than that. God had another temple that He was in the process of building: His people themselves. What would happen when that pagan vision of gods living in huge, ornate temples came face-to-face with the idea of God living within and among His people? Join the Apostle Paul as he journeys to Athens, home to one of the most beautiful pagan temples on earth.

Scripture References:

Acts 17:16-34

1 Engaging the Mind: Paul in the Stoa of Athens
2 Engaging the Heart: Paul Before the Areopagus
3 Turning Weakness Into Strength
4 The Lord's Supper: Discerning the Body
5 Transforming the Chaos