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An Archaeological Treasure

The Dead Sea Scrolls have been called the greatest archaeological discovery of modern times. They have dramatically enhanced our understanding of the world of the New Testament, the teachings of John the Baptist and our Lord Jesus, and the early c...



This photograph shows the remains of the caldarium (hot bath) of the public bathhouse. The floor of this room, now gone, was originally placed on the more than 200 columns seen here. The floor itself was probably a mosaic.The walls were faced with...


Cistern of Masada

Cisterns Herod built to provide water during times of siege and to fill his luxurious swimming pools and supply his bathing complexes. The amount of water needed was staggering. There were several swimming pools on top of the desert mountain, wher...


Column Style and Fresco Panels on Masada

The photograph here displays a column style used by Herod on Masada. The columns were made of sandstone pieces that were plastered to look like fluted columns. When new, they probably looked like polished limestone or even marble. In the same plac...


Lachish Letters

Because of its strategic position in the Valley of Elah, the city of Azekah was often attacked and destroyed. Both Assyria and Babylon traveled through the valley of Elah and destroyed Azekah during ancient times.The city of Lachish (located south...


Mosaics at Masada

The mosaic floor pictured here is from the private bathhouse in the Western Palace. The multicolored geometric designs are typical of Herod's construction. Some scholars think he chose not to use figures of animals, people, or gods, out of respect...


Standing Stones

Sacred StonesLong before the Israelites entered Canaan, pagans in the Middle East erected sacred stones to honor their gods, to declare covenants and treaties between cities, or to honor an important event that could only be explained by the super...


The City of Dan

LocationThe city of Dan, originally called Laish, is located in northern Israel. To the east are the remarkable slopes of Mount Hermon, and the city of Caesarea Phillippi. About 30 miles south of Dan lays the Sea of Galilee.ArchaeologyArcheologist...


The Fortress Masada

The plateau Masada is located in the remote Judean desert. Because this desert was bordered by the more fertile mountain ridge of the land of Israel, Masada was close to more hospitable areas.The attraction of the location for Herod was that he co...


The Making of a City

The environment of the Middle East, including Israel, is harsh and mostly unsuitable for settlement. For a location to be habitable, three conditions were needed:1. Fresh Water - Although rainfall is plentiful in some regions of Israel, most rain ...


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