In Paul’s day, the city of Corinth was known for two things: drunkenness and sexual decadence of all kinds. The word “Corinthian” was even used in Greek plays to describe someone with poor morals or drunken behavior. And yet in a community like this, a church was born – a community of believers who has bowed the knee to Jesus Christ. These were people who came from Corinth, who had been shaped and molded by the culture around them. How would they live out the Jesus message when all of their friends, businesses, and political leaders were intertwined with this decadent, drunken world? Join Paul in Corinth and discover with the believers there how to live and preach in the “Corinth” you call home.

Scripture References:

Acts 18:1-17



1 Transforming the Chaos
2 Engaging the Mind: Paul in the Stoa of Athens
3 Engaging the Heart: Paul Before the Areopagus
4 Turning Weakness Into Strength
5 The Lord's Supper: Discerning the Body