Lesson 9.4 | The Mountain of God

Displaying God to a Broken World

Over and over in the Bible, God used the image of fire to illustrate His power, holiness, and passionate love for His people. The fire on Mount Sinai when Moses received the Ten Commandments was just such a display of power, highlighting the holiness, the strength, and the passion of His purposes for Israel. In this lesson, approach the mountain with Moses and experience the fire of God in your own life.

1 The Mountain of God
2 The Lord Who Heals You: Marah and Elim
3 Not by Bread Alone: Manna and Water from the Rock
4 Their Blood Cried Out: Israel Becomes a Community
5 I Led You Like a Bride: A Wedding at Sinai
6 The Whisper of God: Moses and Elijah on the Mountain of God