Lesson 9.1 | The Lord Who Heals You: Marah and Elim

Displaying God to a Broken World

When the Lord brought the Israelites out of Egypt, the Promised Land awaited them, but first God led them into the desert. The time they spent there would not only get them out of Egypt geographically, but would also remove its influence from their hearts. God still uses the desert places of today to give His people opportunities to depend on Him instead of the world around them. In this lesson, follow the Israelites through the desert and discover in their footprints a map for your own walk with God.

1 The Lord Who Heals You: Marah and Elim
2 Not by Bread Alone: Manna and Water from the Rock
3 Their Blood Cried Out: Israel Becomes a Community
4 The Mountain of God
5 I Led You Like a Bride: A Wedding at Sinai
6 The Whisper of God: Moses and Elijah on the Mountain of God