The True Christmas Story

Herod the Great, Jesus the King

Tiny Bethlehem lay in the shadow of the Herodian, the magnificent home of Herod the Great. In this remarkable program, Ray Vander Laan leads a tour through the palace ruins, the modest dwellings of Bethlehem, and other historical sites in Israel. The contrast between the grandeur of Palestine's king and the humility of the King of kings will astound you! 

1 The True Christmas Story
2 The True Christmas Story
3 Promised Land
4 Prophets & Kings
5 Life & Ministry of the Messiah
6 Death & Resurrection of the Messiah
7 The Early Church
8 In the Dust of the Rabbi
9 Walk as Jesus Walked
10 God Heard Their Cry
11 Fire on the Mountain
12 With All Your Heart
13 The Path to the Cross