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The Plain of Gennesaret

This aerial view looks north over the fertile plain of Gennesaret. The road follows the route of the biblical Way of the Sea (Matt. 4:12-17). The modern-day Kibbutz Ginnosar is not far from what was Gennesaret in Jesus' time.In the distance along ...


The Remains of Susita

This neatly arranged row of marble and basalt columns was part of a basilica church during the period after Jesus' time. The floor of the church was made of colored marble tiles arranged in geometric designs. This church was in Kursi, near Susita....


The Theater at Beth Shean

This spectacular theater was built during the Roman period in the Decapolis city of Beth Shean, known also by its Greek name, Scythopolis. It was more than 360 feet in diameter and seated over 7,000 people. As seen here, one tier of seats remains....



More than any other person, Herod the Great was responsible for bringing the theater to Israel.His campaign to make humanistic Hellenism the worldview of his people included building theaters at Caesarea, Jericho, Jerusalem, Samaria, and Sidon. Ma...