The Jews of Jesus’ day lived together as extended families, sharing the family resources. The task of the father was to use those resources to care for everyone who lived in “the father’s house,” as they called it – rescuing them from trouble or paying their debts. The resources would also be used to welcome strangers, caring for outsiders who found themselves in need. As a Jew, the Apostle Paul was certainly familiar with this “father’s house” idea. What would happen when Paul’s message that we are all one in Christ clashed with the hard and fast Greco-Roman class system? Follow Paul to Corinth as he teaches the believers there what it means to be a part of “the Father’s house” in a broken world.

Scripture References:

Acts 18:1-17



1 The Lord's Supper: Discerning the Body
2 Engaging the Mind: Paul in the Stoa of Athens
3 Engaging the Heart: Paul Before the Areopagus
4 Turning Weakness Into Strength
5 Transforming the Chaos