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Language of Culture

A City Fit for the HerodsThere is no biblical record of Jesus teaching in Sepphoris, but we know that he grew up in the nearby village of Nazareth. From his hometown, Jesus could probably see the impressive city, which covered nearly five hundred ...


My God is Yahweh

My God is YahwehNames are important in Western culture. Parents choose names for their children after much thought and discussion. For the rest of a person's life, he is identified by the name he was given before birth. But the significance of nam...


My Rock and My Fortress

MasadaHerod the Great built and impressive fortress at Masada to showcase his own power, but it is remembered today as a symbol of the Jewish desire for freedom.' The mountain of Masada stands tall in Israel's Judea Wilderness. On top of this spe...



Jesus and the Jewish Revolts

Whereas some Jewish people sought salvation through political and military might, Jesus lived out completely different truths. He often warned his followers not to participate in a political method of bringing God's kingdom.Even though Jesus was c...


Jesus' Baptism

The Baptism of JesusOne of the greatest events to occur in relationship to the Jordan River was the baptism of Jesus. The gospel accounts tell us that a dove descended from heaven and hovered over the water as Jesus was baptized. A voice from heav...



Once one of ancient Israel's largest cities, Tel Lachish covers an impressive eighteen acres. The city was a fortification for Judah, and archaeologists have discovered the largest gate complex in Israel there. The massive double gate included bot...



Thousands of years ago, the city of Gezer the Gezer area strategic during modern history.During Israel's 1948 War for Independence, some of the fiercest fighting took place at a town called Latrun, just a few miles away from Gezer. Why was Latrun ...



Megiddo stands on the southern edge of the Jezreel Valley and is probably the most famous battlefield in the world. In biblical times, Megiddo was one of three cities that guarded the Via Maris trade route. Standing near a critical mountain pass, ...


Misguided faith

Belvoir's FortressBuilt by French Crusaders with a moat, outer walls, and an inner building, Belvoir looks like a European fortress transplanted onto Israel's soilBuilt by a group of French Crusaders, the Belvoir fortress stands in an area of nort...


Mount Moriah

Today the top of Mount Moriah lies somewhere beneath the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock. Throughout the Bible, this special place played a significant role in many people's lives:Abraham In Gen. 22:1-14, God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac...


Passion Week

At the beginning of his last week, Jesus was greeted in Jerusalem as a heroic savior, someone to free the Jews from Roman authority. By the end of the week, Jesus was no longer seen as a hero. He was publicly ridiculed and disgraced as he hung on ...



LORD Definition

(in all capital letters) refers to the personal name of God. The Hebrew word for this name is Yahweh, which means "I AM WHO I AM." This name tells us that God is always with his people.'%uFFFD