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The Holy Place of the Temple at Arad

This room was the priests' court, which contained several key elements of the worship of Yahweh.Unseen just inside the opening is a stone bench, and across from the bench are the two incense altars at the entrance to the Holy of Holies. The bench ...


The Outer Court of the Temple at Arad

Altar of sacrifice: It measures 4.5 feet high and 7.5 feet square, the same dimensions as the altar of the tabernacle. It is made of unworked stones, just as God commanded. A large stone on top provided a place for the sacrifice to be made. Archae...



Table of Showbread Definition

Table that stood in the holy place of the tabernacle and temple, outside the Holy of Holies. Priests placed the bread of the Presence (Ex. 25:30), or showbread, on it. The bread symbolized the Israelites' commitment to give the Lord the results of...