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The Jewish Revolts

The Jewish RevoltsJewish people of Jesus' day had a passionate desire for freedom from the domination of the pagan Romans and the oppressive Herod dynasty that had ruled them for many years. Revolt seethed continuously, mostly underground, for mor...



Synagogue Leaders

Local elders governed the synagogue as a kind of democracy. While all adult members of the community could belong to the synagogue, only adult males age 13 or older could be elders.A local caretaker called the hazzan (sometimes called "ruler&...


Synagogue of Gamla

The remains of this synagogue, one of the oldest found in Israel, are outlined in this photograph. It apparently functioned as a community center because no specifically religious artifacts were found in it. However, the mikveh (ritual bath) uncov...


Tel Beth Shean

This spectacular tel is one of the most extensively excavated archaeological sites in the Middle East. When Saul and Jonathan died nearby Mount Gilboa, their bodies were displayed on the walls of this city.The large mound in the distance is the Ol...


The Burnt House

The ruins of this house on Jerusalem's Western Hill were uncovered in the 1970's. This home belonged to the Kathros family, who were known from Jewish history and lived here at the time of Jesus. The Kathros were one of many priestly families (Sad...


The City of Dan

LocationThe city of Dan, originally called Laish, is located in northern Israel. To the east are the remarkable slopes of Mount Hermon, and the city of Caesarea Phillippi. About 30 miles south of Dan lays the Sea of Galilee.ArchaeologyArcheologist...


The Cult of Asclepius

Asclepius, the god who healed with moving water, was said to be the son of god Apollo and a woman named Coronis. His symbol was the snake, and he was known as the god of life because the snake seemingly resurrects itself (sheds its skin and is bor...


The Garden Tomb

Just north of the Damascus Gate, the main northern entrance to Jerusalem, is a beautiful garden located against the side of a rocky cliff. It has been a place of interest to many Christian visitors because it is remarkably similar to the Bible's d...


The Herod Family Tomb

The Herod Family TombThe tomb to the west of Jerusalem was at one time thought to be the burial place of the Herod family. Later research indicated that it was not Herod's tomb. It is noted for the "rolling stone" still in place next to ...


The Mount of Olives

The Mount of Olives is 2,650 feet above sea level. The ridge is two miles long. Beyond the Mount of Olives is the Judea Wilderness. The Old Testament predicted that the Messiah would come from the east through the wilderness and would enter Jerusa...



Syria Definition

Nation or area north and east of Israel. Old Testament: a bitter enemy of Israel. New Testament: large province (including Israel) under Roman control. At the time of Jesus, a large Jewish community lived in its capital, Damascus.


Temple Definition

' A building where people woship divine beings. God told Israel to build him a temple and worship him there. God showed his people that he was with them by having his presence in the temple. In the New Testament, we learn that the new temple is n...