Lesson 12.4 | When Your Heart Cries Out

Experiencing Living Water When Life is Tough

Some of the dangers in the desert are slow to develop: the build-up of scorching heat from the sun, the slow evaporation of streams, the depletion of food supplies. Others are more sudden; the flash floods of desert wadis can come out of nowhere, engulfing everything in their path in a matter of instants. In the deserts places of our lives, those are the moments when all we can do is cry out in terror and ask God for dramatic deliverance. In this lesson, wander through the Wilderness of Judea and remember God's dramatic deliverance of His people from moments of sudden danger.

1 When Your Heart Cries Out
2 Join the Journey
3 It's Hot Here and There's No Way Out
4 Help Is Here
5 They Were Not Wandering
6 Ears to Hear
7 There's Hope in the Desert