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The Path to the Cross

DVD-The Path to the Cross - DVD w/ Leader's guide in DVD caseSynopsis:God’s story culminates with the intense devotion of his people in this 11th volume of the Faith Lessons series. Discover how their passionate faith prepares the way for Je...


The Time Had Fully Come

Qumran - The SiteThe wilderness community of Qumran served as home for the Essenes, a Jewish sect existing in Jesus' day.Qumran served as a study site for the Essenes, a Jewish sect existing in Jesus' day. Located at the edge of the Judea Wilderne...



The Caves at Qumran

At least 11 caves containing scroll material have been found in the area of Qumran. The caves shown here are the closest to the community and are labeled Caves 4 and 5, in the order that they were found.These caves probably contained the "lib...


The Main Assembly Hall at Qumran

With the Dead Sea to the east of Qumran in the background, we can see the size of the assembly hall. On the right is the kitchen where the food was prepared. The size of the room and its prominence highlight the importance of this sacred meal to t...