Lesson 12.7 | There's Hope in the Desert

Experiencing Living Water When Life is Tough

David trusted in a living God - not a religion. Watch this complimentary full episode for a limited time from the That the World May Know film series with Ray Vander Laan as he shows us there's hope in the desert when life is tough -- even for David.

Many of King David's psalms use the imagery of the desert, both in a symbolic sense and as testimonies of time actually spent running for his life through the wilderness. When David was in the desert, the promises God made him had yet to be fulfilled, and he experienced not only the literal pain of a barren land,but also the emotional dryness of a desert moment in his life. Yet this was also a time when David clung to God more fervently than ever before. David writes that in this dry and weary land, he looked upon God in His sanctuary and decided to keep praising Him, because God's steadfast love was better than life itself (Psalm 63). Even in the barren places, God's sanctuary is present. In this lesson, join David in the wilderness as you, too, search for God.
1 There's Hope in the Desert
2 Join the Journey
3 It's Hot Here and There's No Way Out
4 Help Is Here
5 When Your Heart Cries Out
6 They Were Not Wandering
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