Lesson 12.6 | Ears to Hear

Experiencing Living Water When Life is Tough

Egypt was a culture for the eyes. Temples, palaces, histories, and statues of their gods were impressively created to dazzle the eyes of all who saw them. After delivering Israel from Egypt and "punishing" the gods of Egypt (Exodus 12), God didn't ask His people to begin building great monuments to His name. Instead, He led them into the desert, where they would learn to become a people of the ears, rather than the eyes. Israel's time in the desert was not time lost; God led them through the wilderness to teach them trust, obedience, and reverence for His words. In this lesson, join Israel as you, too, learn to listen for God's voice.
1 Ears to Hear
2 Join the Journey
3 It's Hot Here and There's No Way Out
4 Help Is Here
5 When Your Heart Cries Out
6 They Were Not Wandering
7 There's Hope in the Desert