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Of all the parables Jesus told, the one we call "The Prodigal Son" is possibly the most famous. In the story, a younger son demands his inheritance from his father and leaves the family behind, taking his riches to a far country. The implication is not only that he left his family behind, but that he also discarded his Jewish heritage for a Gentile lifestyle. What would it have been like for the prodigal son, arriving in a world where the God of his fathers was no longer the only one to serve? Join the prodigal in the far country and discover for yourself exactly what it means to leave the father's house.

1 The Lost Son: In a Far Country
2 Abraham and Sarah and Three Strangers
3 Israel at Sinai: The First Great Commission
4 Jesus Renews His Mission: Seeking the Lost
5 The Seeking Father: The Lost Son Returns

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Idol Definition

Anything that is worshiped instead of the true God. In Bible times, idols were often statues of false gods made of wood, stone, or metal. Idolatry is the worship of idols.