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Go Into All the World

Jesus commanded his followers to "go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation?" (Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8). It took his followers a while to understand the good news and what all the world meant, but as the Holy Spirit ope...


He Went To Synagogue

He Went To The SynagogueThe New Testament records more than 10 occasions on which the ministry of Jesus took place in the synagogue. The Gospels record that "Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues." Yet the Christian...


Hellenism: Center of the Universe

Hellenism: Center of the UniverseSatan tempted the first humans in the Garden of Eden in a clever way. "Did God really say...?" (Gen. 3:1) he asked. Adam and Eve were faced with an earthshaking choice. Who or what is the ultimate source ...



Gates of Hell

Hades, originally the Greek god of the underworld, is the namesake for the place where departed spirits live. It was frequently used in the Bible as a synonym for hell or the grave (Psalm 9:17; 55:15; 116:3).As Jesus used it in Matthew 16:18, Hade...


God as Rock and Fortress

Many parts of Israel are extremely rocky, especially in the wilderness. This geographical condition, combined with the Hebrews practice of using concrete images of the world around them to describe spiritual reality, led to the Jews frequent use o...


God With Us

The city of AradAs far back as 3,000 BC, a large Canaanite city stood in the Negev, where the small town of Arad sits today. This city probably existed when Abraham and his family lived in Beersheba, a nearby desert region.Arad was eventually dest...


God's Truth

God's Truth The Word of God is true, and we can confidently share the gospel message with anyone. But God's truth is also powerful and it will make an impact, at times it will turn people's hearts toward God and at other times it will bring us int...


Herod and Jesus: A Contrast Between Two Kings

Differing MotivationsHerod the Great thought highly of his abilities and power, and spared no effort to impress the world with his greatness. He was a schemer who feared the loss of his power and ruthlessly destroyed all potential rivals with incr...



Holy Definition

Pure, set apart for God. God is holy. He is perfect. He does not do anything wrong. God also wants his people to be holy. One day, God will make them perfect.


Holy of Holies Definition

Inner part of the tabernacle and/or temple where the ark of the covenant was placed. It was a symbol of God's dwelling.


Holy Place Definition

The Priests' court; a rectangular room between the worship court and the Holy of Holies that contained the table of show bread, golden lamp stand, and the altar of incense.


Holy Spirit Definition

One of the three persons of God. In the Old Testament we see the Holy Spirit active in the creation of the world. The Spirit also filled certain people with power at special times, and worked through men to produce the Scriptures.Because Jesus die...