God's Truth

God's Truth The Word of God is true, and we can confidently share the gospel message with anyone. But God's truth is also powerful and it will make an impact, at times it will turn people's hearts toward God and at other times it will bring us into conflict with people who deny God's truth

Situation What Happened
Peter shared God's truth with the crowd at Pentecost (Acts 2:14-41 About three thousand people received God's truth and became Christians
Peter and John healed a beggar and shared the gospel message with people near the temple Jerusalem (Acts 3, 4:4; 4:18-21). The religious leaders seized Peter and John and threw them into proson; about five thousand men who heard God's truth became Christians. The leaders then commanded Peter and John to stop preaching; they refused and were let go
Philip preached God's truth to followers of Simon the Sorcerer. (Acts 8:9-13) Simon and many of his followers became believers and were baptized
Paul and Barnabus preached in Pisidian Antioch to almost the entire city (Acts 13:42-52 Jealous Jews attacked what Paul was saying, Paul and Silas boldly answered them, and God's word spread throughout the entire region. Paul and Barnabas were expelled from the region
Paul and Silas boldly preached in the Jewish templ in Iconium for quite a long time (Acts 14:1-7) Many Jews and Gentiles became believers, but unbelieving Jews stirred up the people. Finally, upon learning that they were to be killed. Paul and Silas left the city and preached in other places.
After casting an evil spirit out of a girl, Paul and Silas were thrown into prison, where they prayed and sang hymns to God. After God delivered them from prison, they preached to the Jailer and his household (Acts 16:16-34) A jailer and all his family became believers and were baptized.
Paul spoke to the Corinthians in the house of Titius Justus and kept on teaching the Word of God for a year and a half (Acts 18:7-17) The synagogue ruler in Corinth, his entire household, and many Corinthians became believers. The Jews took Paul to court; complaining that he was causing people to worship God in ways contrary to the law. The case was thrown out of court.