Jerusalem: The Temple

This view is of the Temple, looking west. The Temple was one of the greatest buildings commissioned by Herod. The front was 170 feet high and 170 feet wide. The back portion was 170 feet high and 115 feet wide.

The building was made of white marble, and the inside was covered with gold. The door was overlaid with gold, and there was gold on the roof spires. Josephus claimed that people could not look at the Temple when the sun was reflecting off the gold on the roof. The Temple's beauty was indescribable. No part of the Temple was left standing after the Romans destroyed it in AD 70.

This building symbolized the presence of the glory of God himself. When Jesus died, the veil to the inner chamber (Holy of Holies) was torn from top to bottom, symbolizing the access of all believers now to have God's presence through Jesus. On the Christian fulfillment of Pentecost, God took up residence in a new temple;his community of believers (1 Cor. 3:16-17).