The Sea of Galilee

Rabbis of ancient times said, "The Lord has created seven seas, but the Sea of Galilee is his delight." Anyone who sees the Sea of Galilee understands this statement: The blue water, set against a green and brown background of surrounding mountains, creates a lovely scene. This freshwater lake is the largest in Israel, and many place it among the world's most beautiful lakes.

The Bible does not tell us why God chose this place as the location for Jesus' ministry, but as Creator, he certainly appreciated its beauty. Here God sent his Son with the message that the kingdom of God was at hand. The sea and its fishermen provided images that Jesus used to explain his kingdom and his followers' role in it. And the sea also gave him opportunities to demonstrate that he was truly God.

Jesus spent most of his short ministry near or on the Sea of Galilee. As walk along the shore, we will better understand Jesus' message and ministry.