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Supported a bridge that extended from the Upper City, where Sadducees and other influential Jews lived, across the Tyropean Valley to the Temple Mount; extended 75 feet above the valley floor and spanned 45 feet.

The people's court; a large outer court in which the people stood to worship; contained the altar of sacrifice and the laver or basin (the bronze Sea).

'%uFFFDIsrael's God, means "I am" or "I am what I am," indicating that God is completely self-determined, dependent on no one for his being or power. The most sacred and holy name of God; other references to the divine as God, Lord, or Almighty are titles. Jewish people of Jesus' time avoided saying this for fear of using it in vain. To refer to God they used Adoni (Greek, "Lord" or "Master").

God saves. Jesus was called "Yeshua".

The term Zealot technically applies to a person who belonged to the party or "philosophy" that began in Gamla, but it is often applied to all Jewish rebels who resisted Roman authority and Jewish collaborators.

For generations, the Zealots violently resisted the emperor's authority. They longed for a messiah who would lead a great holy army, destroy their Roman overlords, and reestablish Jewish rule in Israel.

Greek god of the sky, supreme god. Son of Cronus.

City in southern Judea controlled by Philistines. Achish, king of the Philistine city of Gath, gave Ziklag to David before David became king of Israel. David used the city as a base to expand his power with the people of Judea.

Name of part of the Negev wilderness just west of the Great Rift Valley. Named after the riverbed in the area: Zin.

A hill within the city of Jerusalem. God's temple was built on Zion. Sometimes Zion or Daughter of Zion is used to refer to the whole city of Jerusalem, or to the people of God. The New Testament refers to Mount Zion as the New Jerusalem. It is part of the new heaven and new earth that we will see in the future.

Town in the Shephelah where the tribe of Dan settled. Samson came from here.