A Galilean Boat

A Galilean Boat

This replica has been constructed based on the remains of a first-century boat found recently in the mud of the Sea of Galilee.

It is considered to represent the type of boat the disciples used for fishing and in their travels across the sea. It is 26 feet long and seven and one-half feet wide.

It is made of wood, and the planks are joined with mortise-and-tenon construction.

The boat would have had a small sail and a crew of five. Four crew members would have used the two pairs of oars while the other person steered. The sail would also have been used. The boat is large enough to have held several people besides the crew members. A cushion could be placed on the small deck at either end of the boat so someone could sleep.

The sides of the boat are low to make it easier for the fisherman to cast their nets over the edge and then pull them back. Waves did not have to be high to threaten the boat.