Where God Dwells

God's Presence in the World

God was so close to his creation that Adam and Eve could hear him walking in the garden! Because of their sin against him God drove them away from his holy presence and wouldn't allow them back into the Garden of Eden.

God demonstrated his concern for his world when he came down to see the city and the Tower of Babel that the world's people were building. Clearly God is aware of what is happening in the world.

The temple in Jerusalem was built as a place where God would reside, on the Ark of the Covenant within the Holy of Holies. The temple was built to reveal the glory of the Lord to the Israelites and all the world. God's presence eventually left the temple because of Israel's disbelief.

God then restored his presence among his people through his Son. Jesus the Messiah became flesh and came to live on earth to reveal the glory of the Father.

Today God chooses to reveal his presence through his Spirit, who lives in every believer. Each believer is a temple of the Holy Sprit.