The Valley of Jezreel Viewed from Megiddo

The flat, fertile Valley of Jezreel was the breadbasket of ancient Israel. It is important strategically because the international trade route Via Maris crossed the valley just below the altar and continued through the mountain pass guarded by the city of Megiddo. Because of this pass, the city and valley were probably the most important areas in Israel. In fact, the entire world could be influenced from this place because international trade was controlled here. Many bloody battles were fought in this valley as different empires tried to gain control of it.The writer of the book of Revelation described the battle between the forces of God and those of Satan that will characterize the end of time. In typical Hebrew fashion, he located the battle at Armageddon, which stands for Har Megeddon ("the mountain of Megiddo").

The significance of this site in Hebrew history makes it clear that the battle will be for control of the world. Some Christians believe an actual battle will take place here, while others think a symbolic battle will rage (and is already raging) around the world between those who are faithful to the one true God and those who are not. Whatever you believe, the valley seen in this picture is a symbol of the final battle and the victory that Jesus will have over Satan's legions.

As you face the evil around you, never be so focused on it (the altar and what it represents) that you do not look beyond it, to the valley (Armageddon) and what it represents (Christ's ultimate victory over Satan).