The Upper City

This view of Jerusalem is from the southwest, looking northeast over the Upper City. In the foreground is the Upper City on the Western Hill. Here the wealthy, Hellenistic citizens of Jerusalem lived, including the Sadducees. The section of the city to the right of the picture is the Essene Quarter. Apparently, the Upper Room was in or near this area.

Tradition holds that the mansion on the far right just to the left of the monument was that of Caiaphas, the high priest who plotted against Jesus. Regardless of who it belonged to, this mansion is typical of those owned by priests who had become wealthy from the Temple economy. Jesus was questioned in a place like this, and Peter denied him here.

In the foreground of the photo, inside the wall with the towers, is the palace of Herod. A large, beautiful tower just beyond the palace is called Mariamne, named after the beloved wife Herod executed. It is likely that the wise men came to this palace, looking for the King of the Jews. Jesus may have faced Herod Antipas (and possibly Pilate) in this place.

Beyond the Upper City is the Temple Mount.

In the Upper City, the theater (semicircular structure) overlooks the Lower City. The palace of the Hasmoneans is near the Temple in the Upper City. This palace is another possible location of Jesus' trial.