The Harbor

These ruins are of harbors built after the time of Herod. His harbor, which was built on concrete foundations in the sea, is no longer visible, although the base of the breakwater still exists beneath the water. This spectacular accomplishment brought Herod great wealth, which he used to fund his many other building projects, including the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The harbor brought Roman culture and military support for Herod's rule to Israel. It is ironic that little remains of Herod's greatness besides a bad reputation and spectacular ruins. Despite the purposes Herod had in constructing the harbor, God used it as the starting or ending point of several of the missionary expeditions of the early Christians. Unlike Herod's kingdom, the kingdom Jesus established continues to grow.

Imagine standing with Paul as he looked out at the Mediterranean. God asked him to sail across that sea to bring Jesus to that world. Paul had the courage and dedication to go. not once, but several times. God gives a mission for each of us. We can all learn from the willingness of Paul.