The TempleWhen King David reigned in Jerusalem, he envisioned a place where God could dwell among his people. He bought land on Mount Moriah, and his son Solomon eventually built the Temple on that site. The beautiful structure became a symbol of God's presence on earth, the place where people could come when they wanted to be near God.

The remains of Solomon's temple lay buried in the ground. But archaeologists have discovered another temple in Arad, which was modeled after Solomon's structure in Jerusalem. The remains at Arad provide a helpful glimpse into what Solomon's temple may have looked like.

Solomon's Temple was eventually destroyed when Judah was invaded by the Babylonians. Years later, the Temple was rebuilt by a group of Jews returning from their captivity.

Shortly before Jesus' day, the Temple Mount was expanded by Herod the Great. He built a magnificent Temple that was visited by thousands of Jews each year. This structure stood in Jerusalem when Jesus visited the city.