Korazin stood in the northwestern corner of the Galilee region, about three miles from the Sea. The nearby cities of Capernaum and Bethsaida joined Korazin as part of the "orthodox triangle," an area inhabited primarily by devout Jews.

Jesus spent a great deal of time in the triangle area, living in Capernaum and teaching in the towns and villages nearby. Just north of Korazin lay the Mount of Beatitudes, the hillside where Jesus may have presented the Sermon on the Mount.

Archaeologists have uncovered various ruins at Korazin. The remains of a synagogue, several buildings, and an oil pressing installation can be seen today. They have also discovered a Moses seat, the special seat for Torah readers' in the Korazin synagogue.

Studying the ruins of Korazin and other Galilean towns, scholars have also pieced together a picture of family life in the first century. At Korazin, they uncovered several insulae, the building structures that families lived in during Jesus' day.