Jericho, which literally means "fragrant place," boasts a pleasant climate with plenty of sunshine and a lush oasis watered by Elisha's Spring. The city is located north of the Dead Sea, 17 miles from Jerusalem.

There are actually three cities at Jericho: an Old Testament city, a New Testament city, and modern Jericho. It is the oldest-known city in the world, with archaeological finds that date to at least 9000 BC.

As one of the few gateways into the Judea Mountains, Jericho was a natural place for the Israelites to enter the Promised Land. After crossing the Jordan, it was the first city they defeated. In New Testament times, Jericho became the site of a luxurious palace built by Herod the great as his winter retreat.

From Jericho, the main road to Jerusalem (sometimes called the Jericho Road) winds through the Judea Wilderness to the west. Many Bible characters traveled this way to Jerusalem.

The Bible makes several references to Jericho. It was the city:- called the city of palm trees (Deut. 34:5).- where Rahab received the spies (Josh. 2).- where Joshua placed a curse on anyone who rebuilt the city (Josh. 6:26), a curse that came true for Hiel of Bethel (1 Kings 16:34).- Where Elijah ascended to heaven (2 Kings 2:4-15).- Where Jesus met Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-20).