Jerusalem: The Eastern Gate

This gate was built in the sixteenth century, long after New Testament times. Several years ago, the Herodion remains were accidentally uncovered below this gate, indicating that it was probably built over the one used when Jesus visited the temple.

The Bible predicts that the Messiah will enter the temple through this gate. Years ago, Islamic leaders blocked the entrance and built a cemetery in front of it to prevent the Messiah from entering. If the closed gate would not stop him, the cemetery would, because as a Jew, the Messiah would become ceremonially unclean if he touched anything connected with death; thus, he would not be able to enter the Temple Mount.

By tradition, the Last Judgment is to take place at this gate. Since city gates were used as courthouses, it is easy to see why the Bible would describe that event in a location like this one. "Believers" would be blessed with entrance into the New Jerusalem.

Though the gate shown here was built long after biblical times, it reveals the beauty of ancient gates.