Honoring God

Giving God the Honor He is Due

Satan has always wanted to rob God of the credit and honor due to him. Because the deified emperors and gods of Pergamum such as Asclepius, Demeter, Dionysus, and Zeus received credit and honor that was due to God alone, they were demonic counterfeits. Things haven't changed much in our world today. Satan still wants people to believe that we have the authority to decide what's ours, what's right and wrong, and so on.

Our culture has bought into Satan's lie. People today (most Christians included) act as if credit is due the hard worker, the educated and successful people, people who care for their physical bodies properly, etc. But this perspective denies that God alone is Lord and provides everything we need; health, joy, wealth, etc. As the pagan cults of Pergamum illustrate, there is no place for God when we assume that perspective.

Anyone who fails to give God the credit he deserves is where Satan lives! Satan rules where people take credit for things due God, or give his honor to others.

If Christians are to be faithful witnesses to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, we must choose a different perspective. We must give him credit and honor for all that he has provided and done for us. God is Lord of all and must be praised for all!