Clever Counterfeits

The False Claims of the Cults

Each of the cults in Pergamum was a counterfeit, a clever copy of the things that God alone provides. Each god took credit or honor away from God, thus giving it to something human or of human invention.

False Gods False Claims  The Truth
Zues Acclaimed as king of kings, lord of lords, creator of the universe. God alone is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Creator of the Universe.
Dionysus Reputed to provide joy, eternal life and meaning; said to be able to change water into wine. God alone provides these through Jesus, who turned water into wine and rose from the dead.
Demeter Said to provide daily bread, resurrection and eternal life through the blood of animals. God aloe provides these through Jesus, who fed thousands miraculously and shed his blood and rose from the dead so that people might receive eternal life. 
Asclepius Reputed to provide good health, healing from disease, and eternal life. God alone provides these through Jesus, who healed many people, rose from the dead, and provides eternal life.
Emperor Worship Emperor was viewed as lord of all, the supreme source of truth in the Universe. Jesus, seated at God's right hand, is Lord of Lords and King of the Universe; God is the source of all truth
People Today Give themselves or other things credit for what (healing, etc) People today need to have a personal relationship with the one, Messiah.